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Learn About Veterinary Careers with Our Shadowing Program

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We proudly offer a veterinary shadowing program for interested high school students.

Are you a high school student in Midland or the surrounding areas with a passion for animals and an interest in veterinary medicine? At River Rock Animal Hospital, we have a unique shadowing program that provides hands-on experience and insight into the daily operations of a veterinary hospital. Join our team of dedicated veterinary professionals and explore the exciting world of veterinary care!

river rock animal hospital vet tech using a microscope
river rock animal hospital vet tech using a microscope

About River Rock Animal Hospital


Our mission at River Rock Animal Hospital is to elevate the standard of care across the veterinary industry by providing educated and compassionate care. We prioritize understanding and getting to know each individual patient, ensuring that they receive personalized attention. Our team of skilled veterinarians listens to concerns, addresses questions, and develops treatment plans catering to each pet's needs. Through continuous learning and collaborative problem-solving, we strive to exceed expectations and set a new benchmark for veterinary excellence. To learn more about River Rock Animal Hospital, check out our About Us page. 

Exploring Veterinary Careers?


If you are passionate about animals and considering a career in veterinary medicine, River Rock Animal Hospital offers valuable opportunities for high school students to explore the world of veterinary care through our high school shadowing program. Aspiring veterinarians or veterinary technicians can gain firsthand experience by observing our team of professionals as they diagnose, treat, and care for a variety of animals.

Our veterinary shadowing program provides a unique insight into the daily operations of a veterinary hospital, allowing students to witness the challenges and rewards of working in the field. Whether you're interested in surgery, diagnostics, rehabilitation, or general practice, our diverse range of services offers valuable learning opportunities for students with a passion for animal care.

What To Expect During High School Vet Shadowing


During your shadowing experience at River Rock Animal Hospital, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Observe consultations and examinations with veterinarians and clients
  • Assist with basic tasks, such as animal handling and grooming
  • Learn about diagnostic procedures, including digital radiology and in-house diagnostics
  • Witness surgical procedures and post-operative care
  • Gain insights into the importance of nutrition and wellness in animal health
  • Engage with our team of veterinary professionals, asking questions and learning from their expertise

Apply to Our Veterinary Shadowing Program

If you're a high school student genuinely interested in veterinary medicine, we encourage you to apply for our shadowing program. To apply, please bring your resume to our clinic in person. If available, someone from our veterinary team will talk to you about your interest when you bring in your application. Our team will then review your application and contact you. We look forward to you joining us on this exciting journey as you explore the possibilities of a rewarding career in animal care.

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