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Promote responsible and compassionate pet care with spay and neuter surgeries.

Spay and neuter surgeries are crucial in promoting responsible pet ownership and ensuring the overall welfare of our animal companions. Our qualified veterinary team performs these routine surgical procedures, and in most cases, pets return home same-day with simple post-operative care instructions.
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The Health Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Spay and neuter surgeries provide several significant benefits for the health and behavior of pets. Research shows that spayed and neutered pets lead healthier, longer, and more balanced lives.

For females, spaying eliminates the risk of potentially life-threatening conditions related to the reproductive system, such as certain types of cancer and disease. It also eliminates the challenging and adverse effects of being in heat.

Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of certain prostate and behavioral issues. By curbing hormone-driven behaviors such as aggression and the instinct to roam, neutering can contribute to a safer, more harmonious household environment.

Community Benefits

The benefits of spaying and neutering pets go beyond your household. These procedures help curb the escalating number of stray animals, which alleviates the strain on animal shelters and reduces the incidence of euthanasia in healthy, but unwanted, cats and dogs.

Spay and Neuter at River Rock Animal Hospital

Look no further than River Rock Animal Hospital for quality spay and neuter services! We offer convenient spay and neuter surgeries with individualized care to prioritize your dog or cat’s well-being.
We understand it can be stressful when your pet needs a surgical procedure. To help give you peace of mind, we educate you about every step of the spay or neuter process and provide you with the knowledge you need to help your pet recover quickly.
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Compassionate and Personalized Pet Care At

River Rock Animal Hospital, MI
We proudly serve Midland, Auburn, Beaver, Freeland, Ryan, Porter, Sanford, Larkin, Hope, Edenville, University Center, and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive services include pet wellness care, nutritional consultation, in-house diagnostics, neonatal care, digital radiology services, dental procedures, soft-tissue surgery, therapeutic ultrasound & laser, rehabilitation therapy, hospice care, and more. If you are looking for a veterinarian who will provide personalized, compassionate care for your pets, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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